Friday, July 23, 2010

i love

the almost-ripe tomatoes in our garden.
(I can't wait to eat them.. nomnomnom)
30 Rock on instant Netflix.
my diana mini.
our absolutely perfect new duvet cover.

bully cuddles.
beauty supplies from the drugstore.
fountain cherry coke with tons of crushed ice.
this sweet little video that I made.
(I am going to do this all the time now because I think they're fun-
need to start actually videotaping more)

the promise of this red velvet cheesecake recipe.
eggs in a basket (you know what i'm talking about).
pictures from OTH season 8 filming surfacing.
(with B.Joy wearing a hat just like mine. score.)

true blood (it just keeps getting better & better).
the name Lux.
late, late summer when it's unbearably hot- because that means autumn is just around the corner!
the beautiful bag that my mother bought for me.

light lavender nail polish.
life unexpected reruns on the CW.
(I'm watching it for the first time- adore it)
the feather ring my sister gave me.
(I wish I could hold onto the feeling of this song forever).

the runaways out on dvd this week.
blush pink. anything in blush pink.
worldwide photowalk on Saturday.
being retweeted by daytrotter.
going to bed with wet hair.
and waking up with soft waves.

and just one thing that i don't love:
a flooded basement.
(damn you Iowa rain!)

:: happy friday ::

xo Chelsea