Tuesday, March 23, 2010

today was a beautiful day. spring is in the air & it feels so good. so many things to be happy about today.
but i am especially happy because:

--i finally got a tattoo. & i love it.
{after 4 years of thinking about it, i walked in & just did it.
G loves it too}.
--parenthood is on tonight. i am in love with this show.
--wearing my new pretty red flats. courtesy of my 25th birthday.
--my chest pain is starting to subside.
{& i have my doctor's appointment tomorrow
which will hopefully bring good news}.
--these pretty babies that are blooming all around our house:

--i made fried ice cream for dessert tonight with my mom. 
my favorite dessert on the planet.
--selling two of my photos today to Rae Nicoletti
from kate spade in nyc!!!
{i don't even know what to say about this. i'm floored}.
--the beautiful birds that have found their way back to our backyard.
makes spring official.
--i have almost enough money, all from selling old stuff around the house, to purchase this coffee table i have been lusting over. Amazing!
--husband came home after work today with chocolate covered strawberries for yours truly. yummmmmm.

i hope your day was just as lovely.



Kristy said...

LOVE the tattoo! Its gorgeous!
Do you know what she's going to use your photos for?? How exciting

Julia Goolia said...

love the tat and whoo hoo for kate spade!!

Joi said...

Thanks for sharing your tattoo!