Thursday, March 25, 2010

dear blog,

today is beautiful & warm & sunny.
i enjoyed a cup of coffee on the back deck in the sun.
i then spent 3 hours cleaning away. jamming out to the new she&him album. {it's amazingly cheery & lovely}.
i cut daffodils from the backyard to brighten up the kitchen table.
i chatted on the phone with friends.
i had cuddle time with g.
i watched sixteen candles again while sorting through bills & paperwork.
i ate smores pop tarts... my favorite.
i dusted with a swiffer duster for the 1st time & i love this thing.
i made a new playlist called .feel good inc.
i strolled around the neighborhood with my boys.
i drank a sunkist with a straw.
& it felt like spring.





Chelsea said...

i have been wanting to check out the new she & him album.... it seems as if everyone loves it!

Alice said...

Oh I didnt know they came out with another one! I'm so excited!!