Monday, March 8, 2010

so sorry i totally slacked on my list for last week!
so, since i was too busy to post my list,
i figure that is what my list should be.

everything that i loved last week:

01. the new series parenthood {its already a favorite}.
02. afternoon drinks with my amazing mother.
03. really good seafood.
04. one tree hill on dvd {shocker!}
05. internet streaming of wakey!wakey! concerts.
06. sobbing like an absolute baby watching this movie {highly recommended, but unbelievably heartbreaking}.
07. my new curling iron that actually works.
08. eggrolls. eggrolls. eggrolls.
09. rearranging my living room & then putting everything back in almost the exact same place.
10. bottles of mexican cola by the case.



meig said...

Loving the new series Parenthood as well! And I will definintely be watching Everybody's Fine (as well as The September Issue) this weekend while I have the house to myself!

Chelsea said...

I just watched Everybody's Fine and loved it! It was so sad though. I really want to see Parenthood as well.

B said...

Love Parenthood as well. And Mexican cola sounds amazing right now.