Thursday, March 18, 2010

i had such a lovely, lovely birthday weekend.
turning 25 wasn't something that i was looking forward to.
but i have such amazing friends & family that it's impossible not to love every second of it.

here is my list of some of the amazing things that
filled my birthday weekend:

01. husband took me ice skating {checking that off my list}.
02. finally played a little basketball!
03. researched possible tattoo places.
04. went to dinner with the family.
05. mmmmm... cupcakes baked by mom.
06. dinner with the gang & my favorite burger.
07. saw remember me in the theater & loved it.
08. mmmm.... better-than-sex cake from kathy.
09. played really funny drinking games.
10. got amazing gifts that i will share later.
11. slept in {twice}.
12. drank dirty martinis.
13. celebrated st. patty's day with awesome people & green beers.

14. mmmm.... birthday cake remix ice cream from brian.
15. ordered chinese takeout & watched
this with my boys to end our lovely weekend.

a lot of fun & a lot of dessert
makes for a good birthday weekend.

thanks everyone for your birthday wishes as well.

& i am so very glad that my weekend was so awesome,
because so far this week has almost killed me.
i felt so lousy in every way imaginable
& even took a late night trip to the emergency room.

things are okay now.. but i am still feeling pretty bad.
but i am taking the right medications & doing the right things
& hopefully soon i will be back to normal.
i really hope so.



Kristin said...

Sounds like a lovely birthday! 25's not so bad. I turn 26 in 3 weeks! EEKK!!

I'm sorry you're not feeling well, I hope you get better soon!!

Rhianne said...

its sounds like you had an amazing birthday :) I'm almost looking forward to turning 25 soon now.

Feel better soon love xx