with grace in her heart

Sunday, December 14, 2014

.. and flowers in her hair, we celebrated Lorelai's first birthday this weekend. It still does not seem real to me that one year has passed since she came into the world and that our baby is one year old! The memories created at her party will be cherished for a lifetime. Surrounded by family and friends she ever so delicately picked at her cake, ripped open her presents and shared so much love.

I could not have dreamed up a better day and thank everyone who helped share in our special day. Such a simple and sweet celebration of her first year of life!

^^At some point I decided that I wanted to make the cakes myself, and while I am very happy with the way that they turned out... I said to myself several times "what the heck were you thinking?!" But in the end I am glad that I did.. especially Lola's tiny cake because it was very special to me.

^^Waiting for her guests to arrive!

^^^Twelve months of miss lorelai mabel ^

^^Very cautious of that candle!

^^Much more of a delicate frosting lover, my girl, rather than a cake smasher

^^A lot of teepee playing and peekaboo ^

^^^She loved her fawn rocker like I had hoped she would. We've had this baby stashed away for months just waiting for her.

^^Her first bicycle from grandma and grandpa!

This day was, by far, one of my very favorites. Right down to the frosting up her nose and her belly flops out of the teepee. 

Lorelai Mabel, you make my life complete.



Chic Boston Mama said...

what a gorgeous little party!!!! Happy Birthday sweet little angel

Joi said...

As always, your photos evoke so much emotion and love! You have a way with photography, C! xo

Happy birthday to your sweet girl!