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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

hi friends! if you haven't already noticed the blog is slowly, but surely coming back to life. I am on vacation from my day job (not the mama one) for two whole weeks. can i get a HALLELUJAH?! it is incredible just how different everything feels when work is no longer on my plate. I feel like I have time to breath, cuddle, write, create, exercise (body and mind) and most of all relax. I can catch up on everything. I can do laundry. I can take photos you guys! I can stay up late just watching lorelai sleep. I can do whatever I want without the expectation of waking up at 4 the next day, working a 10 hour day and maintaining a household/being a mother/paying the bills/etc/etc. it is a miracle and only reaffirms how badly I wish to stay at home with my baby (and hopeful future plural babies) permanently. while this is no where near in our future plans, it is still my dream.

so yea... having this time at home lately with my family has been everything to me. and I'm feeling so grateful and so good that we still have many more days to enjoy, no obligations. which brings me to some little things worth sharing:

1// the blog got a little face lift and i'm thoroughly enjoying the fresh and simple affect. something I am striving for in the new year.

2// Serial. Serial. Serial. tell me, you're as addicted as I am, right? what are your theories, please feed my addiction! and if you haven't been hooked in yet, what are you waiting for? find the podcasts here.

3// even though I have not been as present in the blog world as I would like, instagram saves the day. you can usually find me over there daily, addicted to the photo-centric, mini blogging platform it provides.

4// Joy's new EP, get back to gold, dropped right before Christmas and all laundry folding, baby dancing and power cleaning sessions have been very properly soundtracked ever since. I love the eighties inspired, power house tracks. call of the wild is my favorite.

5// christmas as a parent. wow. last year was lorelai's first christmas, but since was only days old we didn't really get it yet. this christmas was so good. sooo good. it is magical in ways that cannot properly be explained, but if I had to try: a consecutive string of tear worthy moments that are both nostalgic and unknown at the same time. it was everything.

*i've gotten tons of questions on my phone case above! it's from the one and only rifle paper co and you can find it here. I particularly love it with the gold iphone.

happy tuesday friends! Xx chelsea


Kelly Ann said...

I am loving the new blog design! + I am glad to see you are back at the whole blogging world. I love seeing photos of Lorelai. :) Xx

Unknown said...

Thanks Kelly! It feels good to be back. :)

Amy said...

I am obsessed with Serial too. Have you finished the season yet?

Unknown said...

Yes, I've finished it Amy! It is soooo good. I really hope that season two holds up.