'grams of the week.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

1// my first pumpkin spice latte of the season and breaking in baby's diaper bag made for a good friday.

2// baby clothes are so fun. we have mostly gender neutral pieces, but have picked up a few more tailored to boys and girls pieces to have on hand. can't handle the cuteness.

3// while at the UW this past week for G's treatments, we ran into another bully there and of course struck up a conversation with the owner while G and Rose introduced themselves. we discovered that not only are G and Rose from the very same farm (which is 14 hours away from where we were at the UW), but that they both had the same father. G and Rose are siblings!!!! it was such a sweet moment and so special to meet G's sister.

4// we tried Martha's one pot pasta this week and i'm here to tell you, it is as good as all the fuss. super easy and sooo yummy. i am already craving it again.

5// retail therapy: a new skincare routine (pregnancy is wreaking havoc on my poor skin), a fall candle and the september issue of vogue, naturally.

6// mr enjoying his first ever double cheeseburger after his first clinical trial chemo drip. he devoured it in a matter of minutes.

7// just my little cuddlebug keeping me company on the couch.

8// a pretty view of the sun rising over the countryside brings a lot of clarity with it.


Mrs. Measom said...

When I was pregnant, the Clarasonic helped a load. I used it just once a day, & it worked like heaven ! Also, gender neutral clothes are the best because you can save em for the next little bean. :) loved this post!