Monday, August 5, 2013

i can't believe it... we are now halfway through the pregnancy, which is both thrilling and terrifying at the same time. we have basked in every moment of this pregnancy, for fear of missing a single thing, and even still it has flown by. we are now entering the downhill slope... the countdown... getting closer and closer to meeting our sweet baby! we took some time together over the weekend to celebrate this milestone, with sweets of course.

u p d a t e s. many bloggers that i know and love have done something similar and i loved reading their updates over the years. i really want to have these milestones to remember from my pregnancy later on, so here goes.

how far along: 20 weeks! (seriously, that's 5 months) !!!

baby is the size of: a banana (weighing 10.5 oz and 10 inches long)

movement: has been very sporadic. some days it is crazy how much i can feel the little bean and others not so much. i can't wait until the movement is more consistent.

miss anything: deli turkey. and laying on my back.

cravings: nothing specific, just still not much of an appetite in general (though loads better than the first trimester). few cravings have been black cherry kool-aid (pretty consistently) and chimichangas. oh, and mac & cheese.. but only the shapes kind.

symptoms: still tired pretty early in the evening and major backaches, but that's it.

have you started to show yet: officially showing and it's wonderful.

wedding rings on or off: on.

best moment this week: having so much time to relax and nap during the day if i feel like it. and getting the nursery completely cleared out & ready for all things baby.

looking forward to: our big ultrasound this week and working in the nursery!

we are very, very nervous and very, very excited for the ultrasound this week. i can't wait for it to get here and to hopefully find out that everything is perfect and put it behind us. and of course to see baby bub again. eeeeeeeeee. we are both starting to struggle with our decision to stay team green, so i'm not really sure at this point if we will find out or not! ooohhhhhhh. the excitement!