'grams of the week.

Monday, August 19, 2013

1/ me and my sweet babe heading out to brett & kerri's wedding this weekend in chicago. we had a great time catching up with our friends over the weekend and sharing in such a special day. i especially loved watching brian be such a cute groomsman.

2/ starbucks and a danish in the hotel courtyard in the mornings. i truly have always loved staying in hotels... there is something so relaxing about it to me.

3/ cinnamon rolls that are french toasted. yes, french toast cinnamon rolls with cream cheese whipped butter. it was insanely miraculous. (from a cute little dinner outside of chicago called katie's kitchen).

4/ celebrating our sweet boy's 6th birthday! a bittersweet celebration as we have just learned that his cancer may be back. hoping for good news on thursday that it is just his allergies acting up. love his little heart so much!!

5/ my favorite boy cuddled up with me and my pregnancy pillow. he sincerely loves it as much as i do.

6/ the ceremony site for the wedding ceremony. picturesque, isn't it?

today i am sleepy and achy from the week we left behind. but it was worth it.