Sunday, November 18, 2012

this weekend has had it's ups and downs.
+ seeing breaking dawn: part two on opening night. and loving it.
- trying to get to reached all weekend and failing.
- being spoiled on twitter about the new tvd.
- not wanting to watch the new tvd because of said spoilers.
- eventually watching tvd and crying crying crying.
+ shopping for 'hair pretties' for a little girl via adopt-a-family.
+ lunching and day drinking with a ton of old co-workers that i miss dearly.
+ hanging out with my favorite godson.
+ watching homeland {we're addicted over here} and ordering takeout with my main squeeze.
+ seeing breaking dawn: part two again.
- getting soooooo unbearably sick and spending all of saturday night on my bathroom floor.
+ my sweet husband taking care of me {i was a huge baby, i apologize honey}.
+ listening to christmas records.
+ having a really clean house.
+ visits from baby nora.
+ our first viewing of the family stone of the holidays.
- even though i was incredibly sick... i was still listening.
+ a lot of hot cocoas.
- feeling uninspired for christmas shopping this year.
+ trying out the new warby downings {must get them}.
+ shiner's holiday cheer ale.
- a sad, sick puppy and a husband who swears he is coming down with something too.
+ making my favorite tomato tortellini soup tonight to make us all feel better.
+ a new episode of the walking dead in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....

+++ a short work week for us all! huzzah!


[source: artisticallymisunderstood]