Sunday, November 11, 2012

photo drop, you guys. and ramblings of our recent adventures...
special little prints ▲ furniture rearranging ▲ funny K faces
reaaaally good recipes from pinterest ▲ oxfords galore ▲ leaf covered
cleaning up for winter ▲ enjoying perfectly windy days

lots of candlelight reading ▲ and pumpkin spice lattes ▲ all sorts of new frames
a very tired bully ▲ trying to find a very tired bully ▲ bubble baths
trying to keep sickness at bay ▲ a seriously tired bully

after work family walks in the leaves ▲ shopping dates with kellan
perks everything ▲ afternoon starbucks runs ▲ new ben gibbard tunes
so many leaves ▲ playing with kellan ▲ the walking dead marathons
bulldog laziness ▲ birthday celebrations ▲ capturing pure moments

my little lion man ▲ handing out candy to trick or treaters
starbucks holiday cups ▲ salted caramel cake pops ▲ my famous bulldog (!!!)
basking in the perks soundtrack ▲ and fresh autumn flowers ▲ moscato at night
rallying for barack ▲ moving forward

a sad & empty porch ▲ pretty, pretty notebooks ▲ and pencils
cupcakes for breakfast ▲ my perfect cuddlebug ▲ a very happy godson
that likes to eat his foot ▲ my favorite, favorite new antlers ▲ prints, hanging

my flowers that lasted all dang year ▲ pumpkin ale ▲ the head & the heart (live)
trying not to die over the amazingness of the head & the heart (live or otherwise)
front porch coffee ▲ and succulents ▲ pumpkins of all kinds ▲ babysitting K
watching fall begin and end ▲ so many cuddles
seeing my baby sister off to homecoming ▲ loving the crap out of fall

things are starting to slow down for us now,
and good thing too
now that the holidays are here.
we have spent the better part of the weekend
cuddled up inside watching homeland, ordering takout,
and online christmas shopping.
just, perfect.

not quite ready for the week just yet, but i'm ready to embrace it just the same.
sufjan stevens christmas music helps.

happy sunday.