november wishlist:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Untitled #23

it is my favorite time of year to put together wishlists for my husband. mostly we only get each other stocking stuffers for the holidays, but a little extra incentive is never a bad thing. and it makes it easy on him when others ask him what they can get me. dear husband, here is my list for you.

[1] perfect storage crates for my records.
[2] the loveliest of iPad sleeves.
[3] naley. bunting.
[4] wildwood, book i.
[5] under wildwood, book ii.
[6] what katie ate (and what i want to eat).
[7] this years paris calendar for my daily daydreaming.
[8] shoe clips. yes, please!
[9] so much vinyl in my amazon wishlist; stars is no. 1.
[10] for obvious reasons (!!!!!).
[11] my dream coat.
[12] because my list always has a modcloth item.
[13] and ever and ever and ever.
[14] because metallic oxfords.

i happily started my christmas shopping this week. not a whole heck of a lot done yet, but a solid three gifts under my belt to get myself going. also, why are babies so easy to shop for? it is a problem really.

amazon, i am coming for you next.

goodbye, weekend.