hello, august.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

[1.] love is a fire by courrier: because i heard it on tv and liked it.
[2.] codex by radiohead: because this is forever one of my favorite radiohead songs.
[3.] anywhere you looked by au revoir simone: because you know you've seen the commercial y'all.
[4.] yellow light by of monsters + men: because i am obsessed with om+m.
[5.] 10 pillars by foreign fields: because it's my favorite song from the barn.
[6.] dancing on my own by robyn: because, duh.
[7.] come back when you can by barcelona: because it's from vampire diaries.
[8.] all you wanted by sounds under radio: because it's from vampire diaries.
[9.] stubborn love by the lumineers: because i do love other lumineers songs besides ho hey.
[10.] holding on and letting go by ross copperman: because it's from vampire diaries and because it applies to my life so much that it hurts.
[11.] losing your memory by ryan star: because if you don't know why, where have you been?
[12.] the theory of relatively by stars: because it's a new song by stars [!!!!!!!]
[13.] can't go back by rosi golan: because you can't and because it's from vampire diaries.