happy things to end the week with.

Friday, August 3, 2012

+ my napping husband and dog lying next to me at this moment.
+ bubble gum pink nails.
+ hanging out with tyler hilton last night.
+ new shoes with purple, one and two.
+ friday nights like this one: in pajamas and watching the olympics.
+ the sprite with grenadine that i am sipping out of a mason jar right now.
+ my healing tattoo.
+ cookie butter brownies [that i can't stop making].

one not-so-happy thing is that my puppy is sick and i am worried to death about him. i know in my heart he is okay, but it still breaks my heart and i can't wait to get to the vet on monday. or better yet, to have his symptoms go away before then.

happy weekend loves.

[happy]. [inspiration from dolce vita].


Micaela said...

love the canvas skimmer shoes! (purple is my favorite color)

+ cookie butter brownies sound DIVINE!

besides your puppy being sick (i pray he is feeling better as you read this) your happy things and your sweet corner of the internet made me smile! happy things indeed. xo

Chelsea said...

thank you so much micaela! you are a peach!! Xo