scenes as of late.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

kellan has been home for little over a week now and things are going great!
i have a ton of photos from the big day, but here are a few for you.
{tons more on my flickr}. he was a very happy peanut.

i received the loveliest tin canisters from a dear friend.
and they are happily residing in my kitchen.

i found the new domino {YAY, IT'S BACK!}
and little manhattan on dvd and some corona lights
all in one trip to target. huzzah!

3d clouds.

pedicures with stacey on friday!
{because i have friday's off now... amazing!!!}

finally received my empire records soundtrack on vinyl.
oh, happy day!!! on gold vinyl too! i'm a happy girl.

happy weekend all!


ps. i am still thinking about TVD finale. jeesh!