Friday, May 11, 2012

I just watched The Vampire Diaries season three finale. {twice}.

I am shocked at the affect it is having on me and cannot stop myself from crying and thinking about it. If you are a TVD watcher and haven't seen the finale yet, don't watch the video below, but for everyone else, even if you're not a fan {is this possible?}, it's a must watch, or just hear...

Sigur Rós
 premiered their new song, Dauðalogn, off of their upcoming album, Valtari {out May 29} at the end of the finale. So many emotions. I didn't fully appreciate the song until my second viewing and I am so glad that I did. Check it out below and hurry up May 29th!

Scratch that.. hurry up September because how in the hell am I suppose to wait FOUR MONTHS for season four!?!?!

Please hurry.



ps. listen to the full track