julep maven.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I am full-on addicted to a little online nail boutique called juelp. It's this great little program where they send you monthly packages with nail colours and accessorizes tailored to your style {this is called the julep maven program}. Boy, do I love getting the packages in the mail every month. Click here to take the quiz and see what style you are! And the best part, julep just shared a coupon code with me for my friends and family to get their intro box for just 1 cent! I figured it was finally time to share this little secret with the world so that you can take advantage of the 1 cent deal for the month of may! Just enter the promo code "SHAREONMAY" after taking the quiz!

Each month julep will email you with your package for that month, and send it out to you automatically. After the first month this will be $20 a month, but you can cancel at any time. My original plan was to try for a few months and to take advantage of the great deals, but I have NOT been able to cancel because the colours are to die for and the little packages make me feel special.

I must give Jasmine so much credit for turning me on to this site! I simply cannot get enough!!

I promise I'm not getting paid or anything to promote this program, but I just loooooove it so much. Lately, I have been repainting my nails once weekly. It's the little things people. I hope you enjoy!!