so many good things.

Monday, February 6, 2012

the movie drive | loooooooooving the movie drive | rewatching season 2 downton with stacey | pajamas | ryan gosling | sparking grape juice in vintage goblets | ombre manicures | peanut moving into bay 2 | my favorite chicago-style pizza | the new hunger games trailer | tons of superbowl appetizers* | strawberry blondes | drinking uno | all new downton abbey {!!!!!} | saturday morning cuddles | staying up late | sleeping in | the drive soundtrack | delicious greek food | entertaining a housefull on superbowl sunday | baby hailey giggles | and overall happiness...

here's to a great week!


*turkey pesto sliders; little weinies; spinach dip with pita bread; chicken salad on crackers; blt rollers; veggies; chips and homemade salsa; pigs in a blanket; taco dip; cookie dough dip; red velvet cheesecake bars.