Sunday, February 12, 2012

downton abbey {finished season two + the christmas special.... i've never loved it more} | stayed up til 3 in the morning watching said downton with stacey | slept in til 10 | bully cuddles | starbucks blonde roast | nutella chocolate chip waffles | matthew & mary fanvids {forever and ever and ever} | lunch with stacey | mexican colas | library trips | thrifting thrifting thrifting | starbucks, complete with valentines cups | pizza | the vow {i cried literally the entire time... not just a little bit... the entire time} | walmart trips at midnight to buy breaking dawn | team edward cupcakes | changing peanut diapers | reading firefly lane | more pizza | java house coffee | snl with zooey | popcorn with cheese | watching breaking dawn and all the special features | cherry coke | red velvet pancakes.....

oh, how lovely.

oh, and this....

{the vow was so good. heartbreakingly, devastatingly sad, but I loved it so.}

the amazingness of this weekend is hard to cover.
I enjoyed a day off of work on friday & I wish every weekend could be this great.

go away, monday. go away!