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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Some of the best songs haunting my ipod as of late....

Music always helps.

Recently, we had another scare with Brian's health. Due to his stroke-like symptoms he had back in December, we have had a lot of follow-ups with neurologists, oncologists, etc. None of that is ever easy and I think my stomach has learned to tie itself into knots, only to slowly unravel again afterwards. We have learned that he suffers from hemiplegic migraines {which create the stroke symptoms} as well as factor V leiden deficiency, basically meaning he is prone to blood clotting. Excluding some follow-ups scheduled for several months down the road, we have now taken all of the necessary steps that we can at this point, and have been informed that both of these issues are things that we will live with forever. I have now resorting to praying. Trying to replace the worrying with praying... sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But since this is something that we will deal with for many years to come, I know that I can't stomach the worrying forever. So we're trying.

I want to thank everyone for your kind words and prayers and vibes as we dealt with all of this.  We appreciate it more than you know.  I am so grateful that my husband is healthy and with me everyday.  Watching him go through things like this is by far the hardest thing in my life.

Music is still helping too.



Rachel W. said...

Yikes! Glad they figured out what Brian's migraines stemmed from - I hope that he continues on the path to health :)

Clare Berlin said...

HI! I'm a sporadic reader but stumbled onto this one. I haven't really been following along with your husband's health issues, but am so sorry that ya'll have this on your plate right now. I also have factor five leiden- was diagnosed about 3 years ago after my sister found out she has it. I haven't experienced any symptoms yet, and other than making sure I move my legs a lot, it hasn't interrupted my life at all. I also get migraines frequently (although I haven't been formally diagnosed with your husband's disorder), and have been on the medicine elavil for the past two years that has really helped.

I say all this to hopefully give you a little hope. There are definitely ways to manage both issues. It doesn't make life easier, but it helps knowing what you're up against.

Take care :)