Sunday, August 7, 2011

trust me when I say that you don't want to see my weekend in collage this time. and I defintely don't want to think about making it. I will try to recap for you some of the good things that poked through the surface of the rest of the pure fucking bullshit that we've been dealing with this weekend. things i've distracting myself with:

01. shark week.
02. my husband.
03. beer.
04. omelettes.
05. sleeping.
06. finally having wireless internet again (nevermind the fact that this cost $80).
07. this cupcakes recipe book.
08. that i will be spending a lot of time with husband this week since he will be driving me to and from work (nevermind the fact that my car is currently out of commission).
09. big brother.
10. my always-willing-to-cuddle dog.
11. the possibilities that i hope to make realities very soon, with my always-there-to-lean-on husband by my side.
12. weddings.

sorry, i guess that's all i got.

unfortunately, as much as i want all of these things above to mean something to me, right now they really don't. merely distractions that i've been keeping myself busy with and pretending they're important. in reality my world has been shattered apart; never to return to what i have always known. i'm terrified.

things are never going to get easier. and i can't wait to stop feeling sorry for myself. 



Kayla said...

So sorry things have been crappy for you.... Hope they get better quickly! Thinking of you!

Joi said...

I don't know what you're going through but I hope it gets better sooner than later. I'm happy you have a wonderful husband by your side!