summer's end.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

oh autumn. it is almost amongst us. my faaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite time of all. i will dye my hair dark. and watch you've got mail. and walk all over crunchy leaves. and most importantly, drink pumpkin spice lattes. i have already started my list:

01. eat turkey and dressing sandwiches.
02. find my way out of the hay bail maze.
03. pumpkin. spice. lattes.
04. bake cupcakes.
05. carve pumpkins.
06. wear sweaters.
07. and boots.
08. and scarves.
09. have movie marathon days.
10. sip tea.
11. bake anything.
12. football games.
13. burn candles.
14. paint my nails dark colours.
15. (fall means that i can say colours instead of colors).
16. candy corn.
17. cardigans.
18. crockpot dinners.
19. halloween.
20. sleep with the windows open.
21. fresh, crisp air.
22. plaid.
23. apple orchards.
24. boots.
25. layer clothes.
26. hot cocoa.
27. comfy, oversized sweaters.
28. curl up in blankets.
29. apple cider anything.
30. flushed cheeks.
31. fall television.

I feel most like me in autumn. hello september.... I have been waiting for you.




Kristin said...

This sounds WONDERFUL! I fear it's too hot in Texas to enjoy many of these things, but I am so hopeful! Happy Fall!