Wednesday, August 17, 2011

01. jasmine's post says exactly what i am feeling in my life right now. like every single letter spilled right out of my heart (you're amazing Jasmine, I'm so glad i "know" you).

02. replay this song forever:

oh how i hope you listened to that. the lyrics are so beautiful it hurts.

03. i'm so digging my new lark shirt designed by joy.  a portion of proceeds benefit love146.  check 'em out.

04. kirkfranklin's tweets.  they mean so much to me, every single time, that i actually get them sent to my phone.  a constant source of inspiration for me. favorite person i'm following right now.

05. how much do i miss secret tracks?  a lot.  does anyone still do this?  i would buy an album just for it.

06. autumn is almost here.  my excitement for this couldn't possibly be explained in words... it could only be expressed if you see me frolicking the streets come september wearing layered hoodies with a scarf and kicking around the beautiful fallen leaves with a latte in my hand.  then you might understand.

07. this movie.

good things.  good things.

You know... I feel like I have done all the right things in life.  I have taken all the right steps.  I've always done the "right" thing that I should be doing.  And this is where it has gotten me.  While I am happy in general, I can't help but want more. Isn't this always the case?  I blame myself for feeling so selfish.  And then I blame myself for getting so frustrated when I see others who just get everything handed to them.  Or better yet, get things that they don't even want.  That I would die for.  Life can just be so freaking hard sometimes.  Yes I know, whine whine whine.  Here is Chelsea, whining some more.  I really am doing so much better with this and putting all of my focus into the things that really matter.  I think it is working.  I have been much happier these past few days.  I realize that these things will make me stronger.  And that for reasons I don't understand, this is where I'm suppose to be.  It's hard, but it is.  It just is.  I'm okay with that.

We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.  -- Thich Nhat Hanh


[perks of being a wallflower].


jasmine said...

Thank you so much for your sweet words, Chelsea. I'm sorry I didn't come by 'til now to read this... I haven't been online much lately. I hope we both get out of our slumps soon! :) xoxo