Sunday, May 22, 2011

01. One Tree Hill was renewed for one final farewell season, season nine. Do you know what this means?

02. We're planning a family vacation for later this year and right now the lead destination contender is the Carolinas. Do you know what this means??

03. 1+2= Me. In Wilmington. While OTH is filming their final season. Words can't describe what this means really.

04. I'm currently in the car, on the highway, driving home from the most amazing whirlwind weekend in Minneapolis.

05. We saw Death Cab for Cutie, live last night. At this awesome venue. With this awesome opening band. It was utterly brilliant. (thanks for the wonderful date, honey).

I forgot my camera (face>palm) but have loads of good photos/vids from my phone... to share soon.

06. I've decided to start seeing a therapist to deal with my anxiety and stress issues.

07. And I'm not ashamed of that.

08. I'm still sorting out $1000+ worth of medical bills from said stress-related health issues.

09. I love this song so much. We've been singing it all weekend long.

10. This is my new phone cover that I love so much I would marry it.

11. I'm starting yoga.

12. I feel like I can do anything when I wear my origami crane necklace.

13. We took Mr. to his favorite lake.

A lot of countryside and thinking this weekend......   looking forward to what will come of it.

And now here I am. The dreaded sunday night. Prison Break and ice cream will make it better. And my bed.

Off I go.



Joi said...

Yay for you for seeking help and not being ashamed!

jordan said...

so.. i just googled psychologists, etc. in my city because i've decided that i need to talk to someone & work out my anxiety, anger & stress issues. i'm 100% certain that i want to go but i'm still iffy about spilling everything to a stranger, even though i've done it before.

i haven't visited your blog in a few weeks but right after thinking about my issues & trying to find help online.. i got the random idea to come get updated on your life. (and see CUTE pictures of G!).

i started reading this post and once i got to number 6, i stopped and re-read it. i don't know.. i'm a weirdo but i kind of think it was a sign that i have to commit to bettering myself & fixing issues.

so basically, thanks for sharing your thoughts, they helped me! <3

jordan said...

also. how rude. i hope you start feeling better & work out some of the "kinks" in your life. you can do it! :)