Saturday, May 7, 2011

oh, hello blog.  are you still here?

i'm still here too.  just a more frazzled, fragmented version of myself. i'm feeling much better since my last post, just busy and still a little unhappy in general. but we've been talking lately about making some major changes in our lives and it's scary. scary, yet gratifying. i'm beginning to realize that nothing is going to change if we don't initiate that change. so we are, at least, to that point. we're talking about things and researching some possible new things for us. just for us. it feels good.

besides work, i've been trying to spend as much of my free time with me. really just doing things that i want to do. i know life doesn't always work this way, but making the extra effort has helped a lot. this has involved a lot of prison break, relaxing strolls around the neighborhood with my boys, going to really good chick flicks with stace, perusing around town with family all day, reading good stories, waking up early for the farmer's market, going to really good daytrotter concerts in barns, discovering the monte christo sandwich, cutting tulips from our backyard to fill the house, and listening to this brilliant song on repeat...

it may or may not be from prison break.  but seriously, it's my new favorite song. i'm off to enjoy the rest of my saturday.  i promise to come back to you soon.