there's a plan to make all of this right...

Monday, May 9, 2011

since starting prison break I have become mildly obsessed with origami cranes. it's funny, i have always loved origami. always wished i had the patience to practice the art. maybe i should revisit it. but lately, i've been tracking down loads of lovely cranes. starting with, of course, prison break....

it's significance in the show is unmistakable, and profound. and it's beauty and meaning for everyone, is breathtaking.

hmmm... possible next tattoo?

well of course, where do most of my obsessions lead me??  yes, of course... etsy. pages and pages of glorious folded birds filled my screen, but my heart settled on this beauty:

please arrive soon, little origami crane. i will wear you every day.



val said...

this is so cool to be true..