Wednesday, October 13, 2010

list twenty-three: reasons I am grateful (lately)  and subsequently what I've been up to

01. pretty apple orchards.
02. going on dates with my husband.
03. because even if I don't have a job or money, I am surrounded by love.
04. pretty views.

05. my sister came to visit.
06. my other sister turned 13!
07. getting a present for no reason from a friend.
08. being forgiven by a friend because my scatter-brain forgot to let out her pup.
09. strolls with my camera & pretty leaves.

10. raking leaf piles for G to jump in.
11. afternoons in coffee shops (especially with mom, or hollie, or caitlin).
12. being surprised with chocolates from husband.
13. watching You've Got Mail.
14. buildings with a beautiful history.

15. tailgating in Iowa City with our friends.
16. getting my GGTs in the mail!
17. this candle because my house smells like amazing shampoo.
18. checking out cds from the library.
19. thus my currently exploding itunes.
20. the record that my dad bought me:

21. my kitchen that is full of farmer's market goodies.
22. because even though I have had really bad cramps, my hot water bottle makes me smile.
23. seeing Life As We Know It. twice.

24. GIRL'S DAY with my mom & sisters.
25. spending the day in Madison with my family.

26. wearing tights.
27. spending 2 weeks in Florida.... just because (more on that later).

28. because I've been blessed to attend so many concerts this year & we're still adding more.
29. pumpkins.
30. watching the miners' rescue on tv all day long.
31. sleeping with the window cracked open.
32. taking really long baths.
33. Tree Hill Tuesdays.

34. reading so much that I forget which book I'm on.
35. finally figuring out how to get my hair waves to stay put all day.
36. apple cider.
37. making lists like these.

xoo Chelsea

{twenty-three down; twenty-nine to go}.