Friday, October 1, 2010

guess what?
i do not ever shop for myself anymore.
apparently that's what unemployment means.
for me, this is a problem.
i have actually adjusted to it quite well.
we have a budget & we stick to it because we have to.
but this is a girl who loves to shop.
a lot.

lucky for me, husband brought home some extra bacon this week in the form of a bonus!
since husband is all kinds of awesome, he wanted me to get something for myself even though it's not really in the budget.

can you guess what i got?? can you? can you?

ta da!! i am so super happy. gold glittery toms! GGT's as i like to call them. i've been lusting after these babies for as long as i can remember. i cannot wait to wear them & leave a little trail of glitter everywhere i go. & you can't really beat the other pair of shoes that will benefit a child in need due to my extravagant purchase... toms fricking rocks.

i love spending money frivolously. seriously, way more than i should.

ps. this late night friday blogging thing is seriously the bees knees. why have i never done this before??? oh right, because i am NEVER home on friday nights. it is nice. really nice. going to make a serious effort toward more of these in the future. i guess that's what happens when you have to wake up at the crack of dawn for some hawkeye tailgating! i'll be the one wearing 15 layers of clothes.