Monday, October 25, 2010


It's days like today that I remember why I have a blog & why I love to blog.

I feel kind of lost today. In fact, my house phone is ringing right this very second and I am not even getting up to see who it is, let alone answer. And now they are leaving a message. It's the University of Phoenix... calling to see if I'm interested in getting a teaching degree from them... because I filled out that form a while ago on another lost day.

It's very strange to me how these days and these moods and these feelings come out of nowhere.

I had a wonderful weekend. In fact the best one that I have had in some time, because we got to spend it at home. I love being home and we very rarely get an entire weekend of it. We had a bonfire on Friday night & drank wine & shared stories with our friends. On Saturday we slept in (until 11:30) & then spent the day cleaning the house & organizing our basement. It was wonderful... we sorted through old pictures & donated baskets & baskets of clothing & cleared so much space. I even organized our junk drawers. And we painted a wall at 11 at night. It was perfect.

Our Sunday was spent with more of the wonderful people in our life. The house was filled with friends from close & some just visiting from afar. We made loads of football and watched football. And the girls hibernated in the Hen Den for a One Tree Hill marathon & nail painting & chit chat.

Yes. It was perfection. My perfect weekend. But for some reason Sunday nights have the ability to drastically change my mood. As I laid in bed last night- trying to get tired- I just felt uneasy. Uneasy and kind of empty. The hard part is that I usually don't really know why. Maybe somewhere inside of me, but not in my mind. Nothing to talk myself out of to feel better. Just try to forget about it and fall asleep. Hold my amazing husband and pray for the amazing life I have been given.

Have you ever had that feeling... where you want to cry or you do cry and you don't know why. It's like that... just a feeling in your gut and you can't get it out. That's how I feel I guess.

And now I'm sitting here, with a page-long to-do list in front of me, Big Love on the television, no motivation and a sleeping dog at my feet.

I'm ready for this day to be over. And I'm ready for tomorrow, to feel like myself. Hopefully.

I posted this photo because it makes me smile.



Miss Vicki said...

What an awesome weekend!!!And yes I have had times when I wanna cry and I don't know why :(