Happy 50th Birthday Dad!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We had yet another eventful weekend as my Dad turned 50! Although I'm sure he's not as excited about it as I am. To celebrate, he loaded all of is close friends into the Hawkmobile and wouldn't tell anyone where we going. As we neared the Wisconsin bridge, I think everyone got the idea since my Dad is the hugest Matt Kenseth fan known to man. What they weren't counting on, was having to wear "17" shirts that my Dad happily supplied upon arrival to Matt's hometown & fan club store, but who were they to argue with the birthday boy?

After spending the afternoon in Matt's hometown at various Matt Kenseth hangouts, the Hawkmobile ventured back toward home, stopping at nearly every bar on the way to open some presents & get some MORE drinks.. as if there weren't enough on the Hawkmobile.

Here is my Dad sporting his new Cowboys jacket & Lucky underwear, "Rocky-style"
I am tempted to post the video of the "Rocky" entourage, but I think my Dad will pleasantly surprised by the photo enough.

Sunday we spent the day at my mom & dad's house for my Dad's actual birthday. Guinness now has free reign of their house, which if you know my parents means, they LOVE him.
Here he is playing in the leaves....
After running around in the leaves with aunt Kirby, he decided to take an afternoon snooze on Grandpa. What a life. :)