Constructing our oasis....

Friday, October 12, 2007

Now that wedding planning is done with... working on the house is again a priority! YaY. Or at least we will be once we get Guinness home & get settled in. First on our list... the bedroom. Luckily there is no drywalling, etc. or anything major to be done... mainly painting, new furniture, and possibly ripping up the carpet to hopefully find some hardwood underneath and refinish it. There is already a wood wainscotting in the room which I LOVE, but we are for sure going to paint that white and brighten up the room. And then the plan is the paint the walls a light blue.... Just this morning I found a bedroom set that I am IN LOVE WITH and am now drooling over.......

(I am currently printing out this photo to take to my hubby on my lunch break and plead to him how badly we need it..) =) So, we are hoping that the bedroom can be our "winter project" and have it finished by January/Februrary-- since it is mostly painting, furnishing, etc. I'm thinking that shouldn't be a problem.

Another huge task that we are jumping on next month is getting our basement organized. It was bad enough moving into the house 3 months before the wedding- therefore stacking tons of things in the basement instead of putting them away because we just didn't have time- but add 2 wedding showers & a wedding worth of gifts to that pile and we are on overload! We will be putting up some shelves, storage units, etc. in the basement in am attempt to create a place for everything. Since this is not as fun of a project as the bedroom- this will probably come after the bedroom. =)

Of course once Spring rolls around we will have many outdoor projects to work on. The house needs either a new coat of paint or new siding all together so that is the biggie. Lots of landscaping, new railing, porch decor, etc. But I can't even think about taking on that much right now. We will slowly EASE our way back into the thouse renovation projects.

Sounds like a lot of work, but it is always worth it. I spend almost every waking minute in our kitchen now because I know how hard we worked on it- thus enjoying it's beauty more than I can explain. It will be nice when we can finally retreat to our bedroom and not stare at the Navy Seal blue that the previous owner of our house chose for the bedroom. =)

Anyway, I'm off to drool over the bedroom set some more..... pathetic, I know.