hey hi how are you and back to school

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Oh, hi. It took me roughly twenty minutes of answering security questions, text code verifications and resetting passwords to old email accounts to get here. But yes, it's me. This blog still registered and all. 

Two kids must be my threshold for maintaining a blog since my last post was approximately three months before Wyatt was born. Ha. My bad. You can usually find me on Instagram though, in between practicing spelling words, cleaning up poop, meeting work deadlines and you know, folding laundry sometimes.

After a full school year of distance learning, we decided to send the kids back to school this fall. FEELINGS. It was a hard decision honestly... trying to weigh the pros and cons of their physical health as well as their mental health and education. Being a parent is always challenging, but navigating our world amid the Covid pandemic with young children has been excruciating. Ultimately we are just following our instincts and our hearts and that led us back to the classroom in person this year. Lorelai has just started second grade and Everett is in Kindergarten! MORE FEELINGS.

In addition to the school supply lists and cute pencil cases, I'm sharing some of our favorite pieces for back to school. Each of these items we have personally purchased and are currently using so I can attest that they are good quality and hold up. Lorelai is a huge fan of pink and Everett of blue, you have been warned. I put together one for Wyatt too... just recent and/or favorite purchases because two year old stuff is too cute not too.

sweetest little lunch bag in lorelai's two favorite colors, pink and purple. it's the perfect size and has a short and long strap

roughly 90% of her wardrobe is from alice and ames. our latest fave is this ensemble that can be mixed and matched with other pieces too

theeverco pin collection for her backpack

our favorite kids water bottles and we have tried toooooonnnss

lorelai has had her pink fjallraven kanken backpack since preK and they are just the best. simple, quality and hold up so well; they are worth the extra cost upfront considering how long they last. we like to personalize ours with pins, patches and keychains to keep it fun for the kids

the kids both picked vans for their back to school shoes this year (color me excited). lorelai picked the pink vans sk8-hi zips and ohmygosh cutest ever. they look so freaking adorable with her little twirly dresses (crying)

lorelai is super into tie dye right now too and picked this soft little hoodie

we have so many face masks, but these are a favorite for sure. they are soft, affordable, fit nicely on the kids and they like their breathability a lot. come in several solid colors. we also have lots of fun ones to keep it exciting for the kids, but these are really good basic ones to stock up on

cute little barbie keychain for her backpack

my kids are big into matching each other and i may have slightly contributed to this so yea, everett has the same lunch bag in blue and green

literally all the super mario shirts

the halloween pin collection too. they are so freaking cute

everett's blue takeya bottle. they carry these back and forth from school every day and upstairs to bed at night. staples in our household

we just got everett's blue & navy fjallraven kanken for kindergarten but we expect it to hold up as well as our others

can you even with the checkerboard slip-on's that he picked? (dead)

james dean-esque dark denim jeans, rolled up. amiright?

super mario mushroom keychain for everett's backpack

we have a fjallraven kanken mini in brown that lorelai used when she was a toddler, then everett and now of course wyatt. it's so so so dang cute

i have already washed this bowie tee at least five times in two weeks because i keep dressing him in it ohmygosh

pair it with light wash skinny jeans, i can't nope nope nope

i'm trying to save this moonie bear for christmas but i don't know if i'll make it. not only is it adorable and soft, but it lights up so delicately and plays pink noise

wyatt has been rocking the adidas superstars since he could walk. they're the best. a forever classic

i should just go ahead and order this smiley set in the next two sizes up. maybe three

we struggle for wyatt to drink much water, even in the sweltering summer (he only wants milk). thankfully the takeya bottle comes through again... he loves it. that said, it is not spill proof for two year olds, lol

honorable mentions -- bentgo containers for inside their lunch bags, mask lanyards to make it easier for them to take off masks for lunch and recess without losing them, little welly first aid travel kits for backpacks and of course stain remover

can you even handle them with their matching backpacks, lunch bags, shoes, water bottles. i can't help it; it's the best ever.

Thank you for being here friends. I appreciate you so much. How are YOU???


Some links are affiliate links. All items however were purchased by us. :)