Sunday, January 28, 2018

Plans. I'm a planner. And while I am not usually one for new years resolutions, I do appreciate any opportunity to step back and evaluate needs, desires and future goals. This weekend while we sipped our early morning coffee together, Brian and I talked about our vision for this coming year and some of the things we would like to do/see/experience/work towards/etc. It is nearing the end of January after all... what?! how?!

I always feel refreshed, recharged and focused after making a list like this one. No matter how trivial some of the goals may be, it makes me feel good to have everything in one place. I am quite happy with what we came up with. Typically lists like these tend to feel overwhelming and daunting, but this time I think we got it just right. I am looking forward to a year of nesting in our home, saving for our future, sending our firstborn off to preschool and savoring every last bit.

  • Use our monthly budget spreadsheet every month || not rocket science, but surprisingly hard to do.
  • Build shelves into the bottom of our closet for additional storage.
  • Enroll Lorelai in swim lessons or ballet class || her choice, which changes daily.
  • Paint and decorate all of upstairs || we still haven't gotten to this since we moved in last May and I'm ready to decorate!
  • Build a back deck || this one is tentative since it does not align with our money-saving goals for the year, but if we can create plans that are budget-friendly we would like to DIY this with the help of friends and family.
  • Make healthy dinners at least four times a week.
  • Go to the drive-in movies.
  • Visit the zoo.
  • And the aquarium.
  • Small, budget-friendly updates to both bathrooms.
  • Update the garage so that it is more functional.
  • Lake vacation house with our extended family this summer || YAY.
  • Go on a date at least six times || this might not seem like much, but as of this minute we haven't had a date since before Everett was born!!! Netflix and takeout after the kids' bedtime does not count. This is a really important goal for us this year and we already have our first date scheduled.
  • Enroll Lorelai in preschool.
  • Spend a long weekend in Minneapolis.
  • Host the Fourth of July at our home.
  • Repaint the kitchen cabinets || they are in surprisingly good shape, but a fresh coat of white paint would do them wonders.
  • Build built-in's in the mudroom || little cubbies and maybe a shelf or two for little coats and shoes and gloves.
  • Upgrade to a larger vehicle || we are outgrowing our beloved Rav4, but car shopping always stresses me out so I put this one off for a while. But I am happy to report that we just upgraded to a Toyota Highlander last weekend and we L O V E  I T. So beautiful and comfortable, and so, so much room for us.
  • Eat out waaayyyyy less || we are cutting way back on this and as hard as it may be, it helps support many other goals on this list. Things like sticking to a budget, getting a new vehicle and eating healthy dinners.
  • Use my Chemex more || I loooove the rich flavor of my coffee when brewed with the Chemex, but I rarely take the time to brew it this way. 
  • Build built-in bookshelves upstairs.
  • Build built-in seating in master bedroom.
  • Purge all the things!!
  • Organize the house and garage.
  • Put together our spare bedroom/guest bedroom.
  • Find a beautiful new front porch pendant light.
  • Get Everett's first haircut!
  • Prioritize family walks.
  • Visit the park at least once a week in the warmer months.

Many of these ideas are cost-effective and diy projects around our home, which is clearly a big goal of ours this year. I am working on compiling a more thorough list of budget-friendly family activities that I hope to share soon as well. 

Here's to 2018! xx