at home with framebridge

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hello friends! The seasons are rapidly changing here in the midwest and it is lovely beyond words. The leaves are suddenly glowing in vibrant shades of red, yellow and orange. They blow in the cool breeze and fall to the ground producing that oh-so-enticing crunch beneath our steps. With temps in the fifties almost every day, we have gathered our sweaters, stocking caps, scarves and boots for adventuring outside of the house. And inside we've stacked cozy knit blankets at every corner, strategically placed candles throughout each room and of course you can expect to find a pumpkin or two (or twelve) on every ledge, shelf and counter. It is F A L L. 

As we prepare our home for the cozy, autumn nights before us, beloved photographs and comforting artwork were at the top of our must have list. Admittedly I am not great at printing photos. As you can see from my Instagram there is no shortage of moments captured to go around, but while chasing after two kiddos, working full-time and keeping up with the household, taking the time to mindfully print photos and purchase frames always seems to fall by the wayside. Enter Framebridge.

With the help of the lovely folks at Framebridge, this process could not possibly be simpler. After downloading their app, I carefully chose a few favorites from my Instagram feed and then selected the frame and mat of my choice all right inside of the app. Boom. Done. The next thing I know these gorgeous frames showed up at my doorstep ready and waiting to be hung. And thanks to my sweet husband, I didn't even have to do that part. It doesn't get better than that, am I right?

This photo is a favorite of mine from a particularly dreamy afternoon in our backyard this summer. All of us just hanging around, doing nothing really, but for some reason that afternoon was a memorable one and this photo takes me right back there. I decided to hang it in our bedroom, right by our bed; one of the first things I see in the morning.

This one is just one of the many, many photos I have of my babies loving on each other. It was hard to pick just one; maybe a gallery wall is in my future? 

This was the first photo that I added to my cart, knowing right away that it had to be framed; her first trip to the ocean. This was taken on our last day at the beach in Mexico this summer, when swimsuits were no longer needed and she called the ocean her friend. Even when she wasn't in the water, she way she looked at it and got lost in the waves from afar is something I will never forget. I don't even need to see her face in this photo to know exactly how it looked in that moment, and I think that is one of the reasons that I love it so much. 

I was so impressed with our framed photos that I had big dreams for my favorite art print that I still had rolled up in a tube from months and months ago. I had always meant to get it professionally matted and framed, but it just never made the top of the list. I knew I had to send it to Framebridge. I logged into the app, input the measurements of my art, selected my frame and mat of choice and a few days later I received a prepaid mailer from Framebridge to send my art to them safely! Once they received it, they professionally framed it per my selection and sent it back to me. It is stunning, and happily residing in our living room. Much better than the tube it's been rolled in for months in our storage, don't you think?

Framebridge, you sooooo get me. I think our walls will soon be filled with many more memories worth savoring. If you're in need of some frames, you can use code ALOVELYBEAN15 for 15% off at Framebridge!