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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

some moments are perfect. they usually come along when you are not particularly looking for them, definitely not expecting them, but probably really need them.

I had a quick business trip this week and while it was only two days and one night away, in the world of parenting, that can still seem long. I didn't get to tuck lorelai in for bed that night and I didn't get to watch her very carefully pick at her breakfast. so when I returned home early this afternoon from my trip, I raced to get to her. not only was I welcomed by her rosy, red cheeks and a kiss on the lips, but the most beautiful snowfall was covering our town too. naturally, we bundled up and and ventured out to our backyard for some fresh air and play time in the snow. mostly lorelai just stood there taking it all in with great wonder (in her defense the snow had drifted and was up to her knees in places). she took breaks to look at me and laugh, crinkle up her nose and point at things and shout "abba".

all we have are moments. and the good ones are meant to be locked up tight in our hearts forever. and blogged about too, or so it would seem.

 ^^ snowflakes were falling off of high branches next to us and she was mesmerized, completely.

^"did you just say "go back inside"? what are you crazy woman??"

 ^^^ "this stuff is stuck to my coat"

 ^ "it's just going to stay there i guess..."

 ^^^ "seriously what is this stuff???"

 ^^ "mom i really like this, let's stay out here forever"

^ rosy, red nose and tiny blonde curls poking out.

^^ out of focus, but so in her element.

if you stuck around for all that, bless you. it was a really, really good moment.

xX chelsea


Anne Hill said...

These photos are so great! She's too cute!