Friday, September 12, 2014

I can't believe it. I am currently relaxing on the couch.. husband on the other end catching up on his ESPN. Lorelai is pulling my laptop screen down every two seconds while I type, playing peekaboo naturally and giggling. Always giggling. Pumpkin candles are burning. It is a Friday night. The work week is done and we have an entire two days laid out in front of us. 

Things have been hectic lately. In fact, I wouldn't even describe it as living, but more surviving. Lorelai and I both came down with major, major colds. We were both in and out of the doctor and treated with antibiotics and even steroids for myself. We've been applying/diffusing/drinking Thieves around here and resting as much as absolutely possible to get better. We were both seen before the news of the mega super horrible virus spreading across the Midwest, but I can say with most certainty that is what we have been dealing with. My doctor called it a serious upper respiratory infection and possible low-grade pneumonia. Lorelai suffered a double ear infection. And this has been going on for weeks! I think we are finally, finally on the mend. My headache of the past three days has lifted and though I'm tired, I am finally feeling functional.

I have also been on mandatory overtime at work, which has really turned our house upside down. Mandatory hours + being super sick set me back, a lot. There were two whole days where I felt like I maybe saw Lorelai for half of an hour... I cried myself to sleep about it. But no sense in dwelling... we are finally in a better place and I even found time to blog about it.

It goes without saying that the change in seasons has my heart delighted. And sharing this favorite time of year with my daughter is so rewarding. As a type this, it is drizzling outside and a very chill 47 degrees! We are happily sporting our sweatpants and thick socks to brace ourselves against the chilly wood floors. Naturally, we are burning pumpkin candles and sipping pumpkin spiced everythings and loving every single second of it. I might even sneak in an annual fall viewing of You've Got Mail this evening. Perfect.

Lorelai's grandpa made her a very special pumpkin patch at his farm just for her and we are anxiously awaiting her very special pumpkins, which are likely close to the size of her at this point. And I think that ordering her Halloween costume just made the agenda for my evening too.

So, I really don't have much to say at all. But my mind is finally starting to clear and I wanted to share the beauty that is just that. 

Enjoy your weekend, dear friends. I think this is going to be a good one.

Xx Chelsea


Chic Boston Mama said...

Uggghhhh hate that you two have been so sick!! Zoe had a pretty bad upper respiratory infection that was pretty dangerous (especially for a preemie with heart and lung issues) it can be so scary and overwhelming. Almost too much to handle and can't imagine being sick on top of it all. Hope you are taking care of yourself and resting! And I can't wait to see her costume!!! I have been scoping out TJMaxx for her costume but may just order one from Pottery Barn… Sending you love to keep that mind clear mama!
Chic Boston Mama