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Saturday, March 8, 2014

One of the things that I loved most during pregnancy was researching baby products. I read so many reviews, researched materials/chemicals, sifted through Baby Bargains and talked to moms I knew. I wanted to share all of my findings, but it just didn't seem to make any sense because I didn't know how any of those products would work for us.

We created what we thought was a great list containing everything that we would need and checked items off as the pregnancy went by. Thankfully a lot of our research paid off, but sometimes you just don't know how well something will work for you until you use it. What is right for some babies and parents just didn't work for us, but now with an almost 3 month old (OH MY GOSH!!) I'm happy to report our absolute must have's for newborns. Besides the obvious car seat, stroller, crib etc. these are the items that we wouldn't survive without these days.


1// Snuza Hero This is without a doubt, my number one favorite baby product on the market. I knew that I had to have this and Lorelai has worn it every night since we came home from the hospital. It is a small attachment that clips to her diaper and monitors her breathing/movement. If she doesn't take a breath for 10 seconds it will vibrate to startle her and if she still doesn't breathe, it will alarm. I could never, ever sleep without this sensor because I am completely terrified of SIDS. It is honestly a God send. We have had a couple of false alarms, but they were user error as we just didn't have her diaper on tight enough and it came loose. But there was one time when I was nursing her that she quit breathing and the Snuza alarmed. I have never been so terrified, but she really wasn't breathing! Somehow she got choked up on milk and when I scooped her up she coughed and milk came out of her nose. We also have an Angelcare baby monitor that we will use when we transition her to her crib. But the Snuza is portable, no matter where she's napping, strolling, laying.. it can monitor her. I can't say enough great things about this product as it helps me sleep.

2// Puj Tub Love this tub! It's portable, flexible, comfortable and dries so quickly. And we just hang it to dry on the back of the bathroom door. Very convenient when you don't want tons of baby gear everywhere.

3// We decided to go with California Baby skincare products for L and have never looked back. They are amazing, completely chemical free, smell great and offer everything you could need. We have also tried some Honest and Burts Bees which are great too, but you really can't beat California Baby. However, I have to say that one day visiting my nephew I needed lotion for L's face and didn't have any in her diaper bag. My sister and mother swear by Baby Magic and offered me some. I insisted I didn't want the chemicals, but after they insisted and I smelled it (hello memories) I tried it for her and it was a miracle worker. So now we use that too! It truly is a learn as you go process, this whole parent thing.

4// Solly Baby Wrap I researched so many wraps and even tried some on to see how they fit because I knew that this would something I would use a lot and wanted to make sure I found one right for me. I wasn't able to test run this one, but the reviews were just too great to overlook so I went for it. And boy, was that the right call. We love our Solly Baby Wrap so much and more importantly, so does Lorelai! She recently went through a growth spurt that left her fussy all of the time and this wrap was a complete lifesaver. It allowed me to brush my teeth and comb my hair without her fussing... PRICELESS. Brian has worn her comfortably with this wrap too. Truly a wonderful product.

5// Dr. Browns Lorelai gets bad gas and we learned after some trial and error that these are the only bottles that don't make her miserable. There are more parts to clean, but it's well worth it for a happy baby tummy. We also have some of the super adorable LifeFactory ones that we will use in a pinch, but sadly they just don't sit well with her tummy quite yet like the Dr. Browns do.

6// Gerber Birdseye Cloth Diapers Not sure what we would do without these. We have tons and tons of them and they are everywhere... in her stroller, car seat, bassinet, on the couch, on the bed.. always near by for wiping up spit ups, cleaning up spills, wiping noses, the works.

7// Aden and Anais muslin blankets I think these babies are on every mama's must have list, but I can't not mention them. We use them for everything around here.. swaddling, car seat covers, nursing cover-ups, burp cloths in a pinch.. they are wonderful, versatile and so pretty too!

8// Wonder Weeks app I was skeptical of this at first, but after Lorelai's first growth spurt matched what the app said... and then the second growth spurt matched what the app said.. I'm a believer. The app is based off the baby's due date/gestational age and charts when baby will experience growth spurts, including what their behavior changes will be and what milestones they may reach after the spurts. Give or take a few days and obviously not every baby is the same, but so far this app has been priceless because you can estimate when the next growth spurt will be, how long a current growth spurt may last and track milestones.

9// The cute outfits are great and all.. truly they are (have you seen Lorelai's closet?) but nothing beats the sleepers. We have tons and have bought even more after realizing how wonderful they are. If we're not leaving the house, she is usually in sleepers and sometimes even when we do leave. They are easy, keep her plenty warm, so practical and are so cute too. And for bedtime, I highly recommend zip-up sleepers. Buttons and snaps are not so fun at 4am.

10// Skip Hop diaper bag For months and months I insisted that I didn't need a diaper bag. I bought a really nice, big leather tote that I thought could be my "mom" bag and could hold everything I needed for both baby and me. At about 8 months pregnant I had a panic attack that I didn't have a "diaper bag" and ordered this one on Amazon (the least diapery bag looking one I could find). Turns out I love it and more importantly need it. You need the compartments, you need the slippery, almost-waterproof fabric, you need the changing pad that comes inside. You just need it. And it's pretty and simple and gender neutral too.

11// Vicks Rectal Thermometer After a lot of trial and error with other thermometers, this one has been the best and most accurate (without taking forever). We had a terrible rectal one from Target that was all over the place and so frustrating! Doctors recommend rectal thermometers for the most accurate reading for infants. And the NoseFrida is a the BEST. That sucker from the hospital is practically useless compared to this thing. Yes, you look crazy while doing it. But Lorelai has already been congested and I would do anything to get that gunk out of her!! Can't praise this product enough.

12// Rock n Play This should be at the top of the list because it is one of the best baby items we have. Lorelai loves sleeping in this more than anywhere (besides being held) and does majority of her sleeping in there. It's so simple and cozy and portable and say-it-together-now machine washable. Best, best, best sleeper/rocker.

13// Wubbanub While we were registering for baby items, Brian added this thing and I thought it was ridiculous. Keep in mind, he pretty much let me go and pick whatever I wanted for the baby, but he had his heart set on this Soothie paci sewed to a stuffed giraffe thingy. Naturally it is Lorelai's favorite thing in the world. Even when she is not sucking on the paci, she hugs that giraffe like there is no tomorrow. Well played, husband.

Honorable mentions: Gripe Water (almost always cures L's hiccups/colic and it's completely natural.. no medicine, just herbs); Munchkin Dishwasher BasketMAM pacifiersSnuggabunny swing.


Chic Boston Mama said...

oohhhh you used gripe water!!! Z get's the hiccups at least once a day and her gas makes her so uncomfortable sometimes that all she does is cry… Heartbreaking. Did your pedi recommend or another mama? I may need to try it!

Your doing great mama!!