35 weeks.

Monday, November 18, 2013

I think I am at the point in my pregnancy now that all of the symptoms you always hear about are settling in. I really do look like one of those pregnant women from the movies who needs help tying their shoes and getting up off the sofa. Extreme cases of pregnancy brain have also kicked in.. leaving Brian running around town to find my phone at whatever store counter I left it on. Oops. I am no longer capable of getting out of the bath tub on my own. And I can just feel how big baby is now. Sometimes there are huge movements that are so sudden and strong that it literally scares me and I gasp. Other times there are these gigantic slow rolls that feels that I can feel everywhere.. moving my organs, pushing against my skin. Or better yet, looking down to see that baby has taken up residence on my right side (aka a huge lump) and my left side is completely squishy. It’s absolutely incredible to watch and feel little bub get comfy in there and to experience so many different stages of pregnancy.

I’ve had a few freaky things pop up too in the past few weeks. The worst of which were what we now know where migraines with auras… something I have never experienced before. All will be perfectly well and then suddenly my vision goes so poor that I cannot see. The first time it happened, all I could see were squiggles and bright spots.. couldn’t even see well enough to text on my phone (thank you Siri). Boy, was that freaky. We went in to the doctor of course, to make sure it was not pre-e related. While my blood pressure was higher than normal, this was more due to me being terrified and no other symptoms were present. We treated it like a migraine and while they kept coming back for the two days following.. they haven’t since so hopefully this was an isolated incident. The funny part is that when the vision issues occur, there is no headache at all. It’s not until after your vision returns to normal that the worst migraine of your life makes itself at home. I feel terrible for any of you who experience these regularly and not just brought pregnancy related, because wow. Truly, truly awful.

Some highlights as of late would be my fabulous, fabulous baby shower that I already raved about here. I feel so blessed to have people in my life that care enough to create a day as special as that one was for me. Also, the nursery is complete and ready for baby with the exception of a few final touches. I’ll be sure to take some pictures and share a nursery tour soon. We took both our birthing class and breastfeeding class, which were both very successful and informative. And this past weekend we washed, folded and tucked away every item of clothing, blankets, sheets and toys. We still need to install the car seat, pack the hospital bag, purchase a few final things and some other little odds and ends. It absolutely never stops being surreal that we will be parents in five short weeks.

I have never been as excited as I am at this time in my life. I just finished up a big project at work, so now I am just tying up loose ends and taking care of things on my list to prep for my maternity leave. And I recently received a promotion at work which was unexpected and so exciting for me. And now that Christmastime is filling up my head with Christmas lights on my drive home from work and commercials on my television… I remember how magical this time of year is and I cannot wait to bring our little one into the world in the middle of it all. It feels so special.

And Guinness received his final chemotherapy treatment last week, finishing up the clinical trial!!! Truly a miracle.. no one thought that he would make it this long and he is so happy and more himself than ever. We will be monitoring him extremely closely now for any signs that the cancer has returned. All the while soaking up every precious moment with our cuddly, loving mister. He is already the best big brother.. his favorite napping spot is laying his head on my belly. Baby has even kicked him a few times... I cried for sure.

baby bub updates:
how far along: 35 weeks.

baby is the size of: coconut (6 pounds).

movement: lots of slow rolling now or curling up on one side making me feel incredibly off balance. :)

miss anything: just being able to get comfortable. sleep has been considerably better the past couple of weeks, thankfully!

cravings: milk. crabmeat rangoons. 100,000 bars. ice cream. ham & cheese hot pockets. cravings have hit fast and hard this trimester. nothing feels as good as satisfying a pregnancy craving, I swear.

symptoms: general aches & pains, numb tingly arms/fingers, carpal tunnel, backaches, swollen ankles & feet, heartburn. , indigestion, bleeding gums, sciatica pain, constant peeing.

showing: i love my belly soooooo much! i seriously cannot imagine not being pregnant and not having this belly right now. like, it's weird to think about NOT having it.

wedding rings on or off: on, but need to come off.

best moment this week: putting away all of the clean, tiny baby things. finding a perfect place for every thing and the feeling of joy that goes along with that. did i mention the smell of the baby clothes?? oh my.



Anonymous said...

Make sure you're keeping an eye on these, I had the same thing happen around the same week interval, at 37 weeks it was preeclampsia -- everything was fine and viv was induced. Though my b/p was elevated, my feet/legs had pitting edema. I too had auras in my visions, was dizzy, and had masssssssssive migraines to where I'd lay on the ground to feel the coolness, and close my eyes to rest my head. I don't think it's normal for these things to happen, so make sure you get a lot of rest and keep your feet up, eat less salty foods and plenary H2O and keep a log of this to tell you provider!