so what can i do?

Monday, April 8, 2013

...but throw my hands up in the air and hang on to what this life has given me? i can take pretty photos and tackle home projects and love my husband so much that it crushes me. i can distract my mind with inspiring things and my hands with work that needs doing. i can focus on god to try to fill the hole in my heart that i know can't be reached. but what can you do? 

what else can you do?

there is nothing but the faith of the future that keeps tugging you down the path of life. it's jolty and jarring and it feels like it will break you, but what other choice is there?

every day, i have to live with myself. i have to wake up and greet the day because i know that each day is a gift. the longing, the desperation, the earth-shattering ache inside me that i feel cannot be tamed. it is a part of me now. and every day is a battle inside me to remain myself and to endure the pain and still grasp the beauty of the world.

what else is there to do?



Joi said...

Thinking of you always, C! xoxo