a little post on kindness & faith.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

i have to share a story today.. of one beautiful person and one of the most heartfelt moments i have, thankfully, experienced in my life.

one of my dearest internet friends, jessee, is a very, very talented artist. i constantly ogle over her amazing artisitc abilities while she ogles over silly things that G does.

in march, jessee posted the above photo on her instagram feed and i immediately commented on how much i adored this piece, even more than i usually fall in love with her work. it was exactly the reminder that i needed at a hard point in my life. i was so grateful.

shortly thereafter, i received the sweetest email from jessee and i don't know if i have ever been so touched as i was that day. she told me that she was thinking of me when she created this brilliant thing. that she created something as beautiful as that with me in her mind as inspiration and that she was sending me the original! i was flabbergasted and moved and touched beyond belief. i don't know that i've ever felt such sincere and genuine appreciation for a person (especially one that i only know via the internet).

i wanted to share this sweet story because i want to remember it always, but also because jessee caught me at a really prominent time in my life. when i needed it the most, she graced me with such a simple and sincere act of kindness that i clung to. i will cherish this work of art, jessee, and i will always remember the faith that you gave to me when i needed it the most. i hope that i can always remember to be kind, first and foremost. you never know how much your kindness could help someone.

and please, please, please be sure to check out jessee's wonderful shop on society 6 where you can see and purchase more of her beautiful work. such a talented friend she is!

meanwhile, i am finally catching my breath and eager to jump back into things. hopefully, you will be hearing from me a lot more soon.



j said...

awh. awh. (:
my life has been in shambles, which is why you have yet to receive any mail from me, but rest assured that it is perpetually at the top of my to-do-list and currently sitting on my desk waiting to be shipped off. :*

Joi said...

Wow! What a sweet story. I love the internet and that story gave me chills.