i am so in love with fall.

Monday, September 24, 2012

we thoroughly enjoyed our truly last open weekend for a while these past few days. especially since it is now officially fall and the leaves are already starting to turn here.

i am loving, more than imaginable, having all of the windows open with the cool, crisp air sweeping through the house. it is one of the best feelings in the world (even though it is freezing at night, i just don't care). i have probably tweeted something about the windows being open about ten times in the past two weeks because i am just that excited about it.


+ bought our mums for the fall.
+ had our first doggy rehearsal for the nearby high school play (G plays the "i'm taking the dog, dumbass" dog from legally blonde.
+ drank a lot fall-flavored coffee. and beer.
+ bought a lot of pumpkin flavored things.

+ worried about baby a lot. he has very swollen lymph nodes (again) and i am just hoping we can get it figured out this time. he is not the happiest of dogs right now and it makes me one sad momma.

+ lit a lot of candles.
+ listed a lot of my phone cases for sale on instagram in preparation for my upcoming iphone 5 purchase. i sold most of them (happily, but also somewhat sadly -- i am quite fond of my cases), but still have these two available.

+ read a lot of books.

+ indulged in new downton  + the emmy's.
+ went on a date.
+ caught up with old friends at katie's adorable baby shower.

+ bought a lion costume for G (no, he is not wearing it here -- i just love his squishes).
+ finished my rewatch of the secret circle + am missing it all over again.
+ wore hoodies + layers + oxfords + scarves.

sigh. i miss this weekend already.
i left work early today with a headache and spent most of the afternoon in bed. wasn't exactly the start to my week that i was hoping for, but i am feeling better now, so i guess it was needed. now to indulge in some new tv {switched at birth, partners, two broke girls} and get back into bed for the evening.



Micaela said...

awww i hope your baby feels better :( he sure is the cutest sick dog i ever did see though! i so wanted to hug him after seeing that first photo.

sigh, another reason i really should have chosen an iphone over my droid like my husband told me-- love your phone covers! they never make any cute ones for droids-- i just couldn't live without my keyboard. now i'm wishing i would have ;)

besides your sick babe, sounds like my kind of weekend! x