moonrise kingdom.

Monday, July 9, 2012

[photos from the film below...]

i think you still have lightning in you.

i'm completely obsessed with this film.
it is easily my favorite.
i want to crawl inside this film and live in it forever.
wes anderson, i bow down.
and i thank you and thank you and thank you.
for bringing this world to me.

who wants to accompany me to an encore viewing??

this beautiful moonrise-inspired necklace is now on the top of my must purchase list.
the world needs to know of this obsession.
soundtrack downloading now....
i mean, listen to this.
and this.
the colours and the photography.
the pure simplicity and innocence.
the love.
i can't even.
i'm in love.


[sources: caringfor; coffeefortwomusicfiendd; 10382bowties; awagi; thehobo; zombie; beautyof; eusticityerics; mjess.]


leah @maritalbless said...

This post just makes me smile.