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Sunday, July 8, 2012

this fourth of july we headed to our favorite barn... for a little all night shindig, jamming out to the most incredible live music, including a small town band you may know as the counting crows. although my favorite act of the night is an up and coming band named foreign fields. everyone rocked out hard, in the barn, cramming 650+ bodies inside, 100+ degrees in the shade... let me tell you it was hot. but we managed just fine... tackling the 1 beer, 1 water method and lots and lots of ice cubes down our shirts... hey, you do what you have to. it was incredibly worth it.

event highlights:
counting crows singing colorblind while I swayed to the music with my husband.
counting crows, again, jamming out to romany rye's love song and shouting every word with stacey.
the most adorable bass player ever. i'm talking to you field report.
all of the bands taking the stage together during the encore to sing a special rendition of this land is your land. it was the fourth of july afterall.

incredible night. there are no words.

plus, some leftover camping photos when Kirby and I had fun with some sparklers.

happy sunday loves.