ode to a weekend.

Monday, June 25, 2012

fell in love with scentsy | went to the drive-in movie theater, one of my favorite places ever | cried and laughed with Jennifer, as always | finally saw the Avengers | slept in until eleven | stayed up way too late | filled our house with friends and family and drinks and food and music and good times all night long | loved Brave | drank pineapple upside down shots {thanks Stacey} | I learned that my dearest friend and 'surrogate sister' is expecting her first child {!!!} | booked airfare to the beach with the best of friends | adored my husband | became one of those people who no longer cares that their bra straps are showing when it's too hot out | finished season four of Supernatural | cleaned, a lot | cuddled with Kellan, as evident | napped with G | ate a lot of thai pizza | and better-than-sex birthday cake {thanks Kathy} | cherished the tiniest moments

1. a wide-eyed kellan. 
2. post-surgery mr.
3. yellow house.*
4. more yellow.*
5. happy.
6. so much sleep.
7. napping after church with aunt sissy.
8. how I even captured this.. I cannot begin to explain. I hear "mmhmmm" every time I look at this. love.

*exploring the senses.