Sunday, March 11, 2012

today, I finally feel like me for the first time in weeks.  a couple of weeks ago I randomly caught the flu and was laid up for a couple days. no big deal because it was only a couple of days, but I practically ran out of work two hours early on a friday because I was so sick. had the weekend to recover and was fine by monday. but even being out of whack for a couple of days completely threw off my "routine". the house was a wreck, there was so much to do during the week and I just couldn't catch up plus husband caught a head cold. somehow made it through the week only to find myself with a very sore throat and slight migraine settling in on sunday. enter monday morning.... agony. headsplitting migrane... so much pain.... still a little sore throat, but didn't think much of that due to the head.... called in sick to work {which I hate doing by the way, doesn't everyone}. anyway, I needed it. laid up, again, on the couch all day with G watching a Kardashian marathon and downing meds by the hour. woke up tuesday to a very reduced headache and still sore throat, slight cough, but tolerable. worked tuesday, wednesday and thursday and by thursday I was in all sorts of sickness. my wastebasket at work was completely filled with tissues, with three empty tissue baskets in the recycling basket next to it. miserable. queue friday.... called in sick again. cold was all out and the "cold" had moved to my head, causing, you guessed it, another full out migraine. did I mention this was my birthday weekend?? you can start feeling sorry for me here....

friday was torture and my head hurt so bad I literally couldn't think. I even tried the incredibly intimidating neti pot ya'll. I was desperate to rid myself of this. but I just had to ride it out, turns out. cancelled my birthday lunch with co-workers and my birthday sushi date with friends that night. thankfully, I woke up on saturday feeling much, much better. headache and cold symptoms lingering, but so much easier to deal. 

husband + family + friends have made it a great birthday weekend despite "the plague", and of course my precious G by cuddling with me constantly in my sickness. I have a big week ahead, but I am grateful to finally feel like myself and leave all of this sickness behind me! Lots of updates for you soon!