I daydream of...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

afternoon bubble baths and writing my latest novel.

rocking my children to sleep and photographing the sun rise.

crunching leaves beneath my boots as I walk to the corner market.

capturing the light of Paris perfectly.

growing old with my husband and taking our grandchildren to the zoo.

hiding in movie theaters for entire days straight seeing everything imaginable with my best friend.

watching my sisters grow old and wise.

saving an innocent animal from harm and surrounding myself with empty notebooks.

sipping coffee in Portland and eating lobster in Maine.

staying up late on Friday nights working on lesson plans for my students with a bottle of red.

seeing my children's faces light up on Christmas morning.

photographing my husband when he smiles and hearing an owl wooo hoo outside my window.

falling asleep by the fire with my dog and finding a snowglobe with an entire village inside of it.