1920s flappers, trips to the er, and glittery phones.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

look like a cluster? that's because it is. it has been a while. i have a good excuse i promise. after spending a lovely day in madison with husband last saturday, brian suddenly started showing very serious signs of a stroke when we arrived at home. we spent the night in the emergency room and eventually he was back to normal. -- an EKG, CT, MRI, and lots of blood work later, they believe that he suffered from a severe migraine which signaled the signs of stroke- numbness of right side of body, very slurred speech, loss of concentration. he basically couldn't speak a normal word to me (came out of nowhere!) and I had no idea what was going on. things have been okay for the past week --knock on wood-- he is taking some daily medication and we have a follow-up with a neurologist.  but I pray to god that this never happens again because I can't tell you the last time I have ever been so scared.

besides this scare, the past couple of weeks have been nice and relaxing -- filled with very pretty christmas cards, decorating the house for christmas, the smell of pine needles, red wine, breaking dawn {and lots of it}, the breaking dawn soundtrack, bella's ring {basically all things breaking dawn}, gold glittery iphone cases, the most amazing gloves in existence, chunky yellow hats, organizing in pretty baskets, making paper snowflakes, hot cocoa, christmas music {everly, she & him, the civil wars, andrew belle}, stocking up at trader joes and celebrating the fact that I have all of this time to spend with my happy, healthy husband.

another not so nice and relaxing event however..... our laptop died. the same night that we spent in the hospital.  not. cool.  we lost most everything on the hard drive - though I was thankfully able to save some photos and important files -- but have spent majority of the past few days trying to get my laptop back to what it was.  do you know how hard this is?  my iphone won't sync with my itunes, because it's basically not my itunes anymore.... all of my folders are gone... I basically can't find anything.  I can not wait for the day that the glorious macbook pro will be MINE. all MINE.

a special thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers these past two weeks.  we have felt all of them and are grateful.