Tuesday, January 26, 2010

today, i:

got coffee with my mom.
got a hair cut & color.
went thrifting.
& used book shopping.
had a delicious lunch with my mom.
went record shopping.
hung out with my sisters.
cuddled with G.
cleaned out my closet.
& got rid of lots of clothes.
watched this with husband.
& felt pretty insignificant sitting on the couch.
but lucky too.

today was a good day.
& now i am making a list of things i want to do in 2010.
i am not big on setting goals of this sort,
i like to just follow where i'm lead.
but since 2009 really sucked for me,
i am making sure that 2010 is better.
& drinking my favorite tea while i do it.
& watching my favorite show reruns.
& life is good.


ps. i really want this necklace.


Kristin said...

I love used book shopping!! There's a great bookstore called Book Off (Bookoffusa.com) that has great prices on books! It's a japanese book store with a nice sized English book section. $1, $3, $5, and up to about $9 for hardback!! I have one near me, I hope you do too! They even have movies!