Monday, January 4, 2010

i am long overdue for an update.
& there are lots of updates.

01. i am once again unemployed. not a very good way to start the new year. i was not happy at my job & i knew that it would eventually end one way or the other- although the week between christmas & new years was not exactly the timing i had in mind. in any event, i am once again looking for a job- & while i don't want to rush into anything forcing me to be unhappy again, i have the constant stress & worry of no current paycheck & the bills keep rolling in..... to say i am utterly confused & lost in my own life is an understatement. 

in any event... there are more updates, thankfully less life-altering, drastic updates:

02. we had a wonderful christmas with our family & friends.
we got some amazing gifts, watched the hangover repeatedly, ate & drank to our hearts content, & spent $50 gift cards on only candles.

03. i have amazing friends & family. i have been through so much this past year, & can honestly say that i don't know how i would have made it to where i am now without them. & now here they are again- taking care of me & trying their darndest to make me happy. i have amazing people in my life.

04. we celebrated the new year with a bang. two doses of unemployment amongst various other life letdowns in 2009 had me wishing & waiting for 2010. i am glad that it is here & i am hoping wishing praying for a better year all around.

05. i am re-doing our upstairs bedroom. it is a very unique space in that it is technically like a finished attic... my husband has had it decked out as his man room for the past 2 years, but has used the space a total of 2 times. so, i have taken it upon myself to redo the room into my space, including a bed for guests. due to the recent change in our financial situation, i am doing so with only materials that i already have- making it a very interested task. so far with the help of my friends & sister- we have taken out all of the sports collectibles {very carefully to keep husband happy}, tested 6 different paint colors on the walls, & removed the wood paneling around the chimney to expose the beautiful brick. i am very excited for this project- & am constantly looking for some cheap/free makeover ideas to make this space my own. This is my loose inspiration photo.. though i am going for more of a seafoam green paint color:

my current situation has left me wondering if the life i am living right now is the life that i want. we've been talking about moving, about starting over somewhere new. but it's just all so vague and undefined. i truly don't know that i want from life right now.

i am, however, relieved to feel a little like myself again. for the past 4 months i have been pretty miserable & really just not myself. i haven't been blogging or taking photos & neglecting a lot of people in my life. i just kept waiting for the happiness to come back so i could get back to my life, but it just never, ever came.

& it still hasn't really, but i'm starting to adjust. i am relived to leave that job behind me, but worried about the future. all i can do is follow my heart & that's what i'm trying to do. hopefully it will take me somewhere nice.

i will be spending this week:
applying for area jobs; researching living in other cities; napping with my G; watching Gilmore Girls on dvd; painting the upstairs room; cleaning the house to its core; calling our banks & school loans to see what they can do for us right now {not fun}; & possibly adding a new item to my etsy shop.

i hope to be around a bit more now too.



kari said...

Chelsea- It's goog to hear from you. I'm sorry to hear about your job, I'm praying that you find exactly what you are looking for. You have lots of online friends that are here for you.

Chelsea said...

i stumbled across your blog a little while ago and it is lovely. i'm sorry to hear about your job, but i hope the search leads to bigger and better things!

Kristy said...

my sweet Chelsea... so sorry to hear about your job. life has a plan for you so dont fret too much. this is the perfect opportunitu to move to Savannah! :) or we can move to portland, ME and be mainers together! hold your chin up and email me if you ever need to let it all out. <3

Rhianne said...

oh chelsea, I'm sorry to hear about your job and that you're been sad - I've missed you in the blog world though and I love having your photos in our house - I hope this makes you smile a little.

Your project sounds exciting - do you have freecycle in the US? You may be able to get some things for your room on there...

Amy said...

So sorry about your job. It was nice hearing from you though... I've missed reading your posts and looking at your beautiful photos.

Kristin said...

Chelsea, I'm sorry to hear about the unhappiness in your life. I hope you can keep your chin up and your heart open to new, better things! Focus on the things and people you love, the rest will work itself out! Good luck!!!

Joi said...

Thinking about you! I hope you find what you're looking for, but always know your blogger buddies are here for you : )

Hollie. said...

I'm so glad your back!
Blog first your unnamed camera next.
You'll make it through this dear, you always do.


Diana said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm so sorry about your situation but I'm one to believe everything happens for a reason, although when in you are in despair, that reason has yet to show itself.

you are awesome, chelsea and i hope 2010 brings you everything you want.